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STYLISH...yes, you can be & it's easier than you think!

A guide to shopping smarter & transforming your look in the process!

Here we are, post Covid, time to re-emerge & re-evaluate what we really need in our wardrobes today. Figuring out what you need new and what pieces should stay and what should go. You can save space, save money and look the best that you ever have. This is a formula driven by some wardrobe resolutions:

1.  Simple, classic rather than trend-led pieces will always be a closet staple that you will reach for time and again. 

2.  Be realistic and honest with yourself about keeping clothes that you can't physically wear, whether too small or too big, and eliminate the clutter. The six month rule is helpful, if it has been that long since it has been worn then it won't be missed.

3.  Does it suit you? Was the item a whim purchase? If a piece of clothing doesn't make you feel confident or comfortable, it's time to toss! Understand what suits you for size, proportion, fabric and color.

4.  Shopping for bargains...a bad idea. Just because it is marked down it may not be the right addition. If left unworn, it becomes a complete waste of money and closet space.

5.  Shop for a capsule wardrobe where all the pieces are "go-to" pieces. This is a constant and evolving process requiring careful and thoughtful choices. Re-assess and shop for the gaps in your wardrobe Capsule wardrobes are easy to wear, maintain, pack and enjoy. Styles to consider are versatile, great quality, classic with neutral colors. A well-fitting navy, black, white, taupe, military green palette can be paired with some seasonal prints, colors and textures. This is the foundation to creating a stylish wardrobe.

6.  Discover new brands. You may have always admired a brand but haven't had the confidence or comfortable access to giving it a try. Keep up with what is current yet not trendy. Don't get in a brand rut and locked into the season after season image of yourself. 

7.  Analyze your wardrobe as we all surely forgot what was in our closet during lockdown. Having a clear idea of what you already own will make you a more confident and efficient shopper.

8.  What is your uniform? How different are your clothing options season to season? Are you wearing loose fitting, unconstructed styles, or tailored or athletic? The new performance materials can provide an elevated casual when mixed with better sportswear. Build the capsule collection from the footwear up. Purchase the best quality sneakers, boots, sandals possible and your feet will thank you. In New England we have the excuse of so many weather scenarios that multiple outerwear pieces are required. A great raincoat, a versatile overcoat and various length & weight vests and jackets are necessary.  Think about your daily routine now and the functionality of your wardrobe. 

9. The care of your favorite items is also quite important. Finding and using a tailor is a style icon secret. Sometimes a nip and tuck and hem can make all the difference in stylish or sloppy. Extend the life of your favorite leather goods and footwear with repair and recondition. I recommend the professionals at LaRossa Shoe. Dry clean as little as possible as the chemicals break down the fibers and change the texture and appearance of some fabrics. Hand wash cold and lay flat your cashmere and more delicate pieces. Spot clean with Woolite or a mild detergent and clean sponge and cold water.

10. Trends come and go, but style will stand the test of time. Looking well dressed can also work by mixing vintage pieces with contemporary ones. This is an ageless philosophy in dressing. Another one of my favorite personal rules in dressing is the high low outfit. This can consist of a timeless designer handbag, a contemporary dress, trendy footwear and a mix of real and faux jewelry. Simply, you can still look stylish without sacrificing comfort. Think soft, natural fabrics, like a 100% cotton tee that is great quality and fits well paired with a structured cardigan/overshirt or blazer and dark jeans. Tie it all together with a few effortless statement accessories including a scarf, jewelry, comfortable loafers and an elevated bag and show off your personal style.