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The Case for Being Well Dressed

Knowledge changes, it is a fundamental component of science. It is often said that you can spot an American traveling abroad by the way they dress. Maybe it’s our fondness for “Athleisure” or quite possibly it’s simply that Americans just like to be comfortable at all times. We think that being well dressed and comfortable aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact we are certain of it. 


The power of being well dressed can be transformative, it’s not about self-importance, it’s about self esteem. At the very least feeling good about what you’re wearing can improve your confidence. There are simple steps you can take to improve how you dress. There’s help everywhere online. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, buying basic classic pieces and finding a good tailor are the building blocks that can make it an easier process. 


Back to the part about knowledge changing. There is hope for the future, we are seeing more and more young people who are extremely knowledgeable about clothing, value and fit. They want to know how what they’re buying is made, where it’s made, and by whom. There is a really great shift that we’ve seen from our younger clientele who have moved away from a throw away mindset and fast fashion to wanting well-made and repairable. The word sustainable is used often in the fashion industry, we all need to take notice, it’s critical that less quantity, more quality become the norm.


We aren’t guaranteeing that by dressing well you’ll achieve total consciousness, but it’s a good start.